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All info for the clan are here. U will need to register, u be able to no ur clan point for each month. And give ur idia in forum. New ppl can apply 2
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Welcome to the best future clan Cyber Punk
We are now in the TOP 400 let go to 300

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 Clan's Gifts & Bags..

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PostSubject: Clan's Gifts & Bags..   Wed Dec 30, 2009 8:15 pm

Hi CLan Team,
i am wondering when the players of the clan get some gifts ?? at which point? how? and when ?
why we need to get clan's bag ? and if some players cant get this bag cuz wanna save there GP to get some wepeon in the future , will be that wrong to clan rules??!
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PostSubject: Re: Clan's Gifts & Bags..   Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:07 pm

yes ppl get clan item but u need to be in the clan for minimum 1 month. and in tha month we need to see u alot. u need to go alot of clan point. clan point work this way= every 500xp u get 1 point.

for now the way i work i will send ppl that made point what i can get.
for now i can only put 7000zp by month.
so 7000 xp ist nothing for 1 clan so we dont spend zp for 3 month and more because i put some zp in deffrent way. my kid account. ppl that i gave zp for there aswome work etcc...

So now do ur 25 point every week. ist only way to get zp items if u dont i wont be nice and give free zp. i am normal person not ritch. thx

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Clan's Gifts & Bags..
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