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All info for the clan are here. U will need to register, u be able to no ur clan point for each month. And give ur idia in forum. New ppl can apply 2
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Welcome to the best future clan Cyber Punk
We are now in the TOP 400 let go to 300


 PPL will get suprise

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PPL will get suprise Empty
PostSubject: PPL will get suprise   PPL will get suprise Icon_minitimeThu Dec 31, 2009 10:28 pm

PPL will get suprise Affraid yes realy suprise, 2010 is there now everything change PPL will get suprise Icon_rr

i will kik all player that wont be in the register of this sites PPL will get suprise Bom

i will kik all the ppl that dont give a chit about this clan PPL will get suprise Icon_evil and is ppl PPL will get suprise Icon_cool

Now we need to get pro in the clan, we need some nice ppl PPL will get suprise Icon_cyclops

we will play clan game if u dont come, u say in the chat, if u do come join in the 20second after say yes. PPL will get suprise Icon_eek

alot of ppl work to try to have nice clan, web site, vent, and more PPL will get suprise Icon_bounce so the respect juste for that is need!!!! PPL will get suprise Icon_exclaim

for 2010, we will get in the top 50 of this game PPL will get suprise Icon_lol We will try to all have clan bagpack, girl player and for the 1 that dont have 10% xp are the 50% more, u can buy 2 the hat with ur rank !! first 10% more zp after 20%,30%, 40% etc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, to make more point and ist will be eazy for ppl get clan point and make clan come bigger.

PPL will get suprise Icon_king The most important, now we will be nice ppl to every1.
1. if hack we let him do we dont say bad word in chat. we save and send are we put durty stuff in F$ clan chat . we will have pro hatitude. PPL will get suprise Icon_cheers

I WISH U ALL ONE VERY NICE YEAR 2010 in ur life and i wish u to stay in good shape.

PPL will get suprise C:\\\\Users\\\\dum81\\\\Documents\\\\Cross Fire\\\\crossfire_xmas6-475x250
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PPL will get suprise
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